Local capacity development

Local capacity development

BuildPlus brings an optimize-and-maximize approach when beginning work in a particular country, tailoring the approach to local conditions and concerns. We identify clusters of existing capacities to support a new project.

  • Our commitment of sustainability
  • Our commitment of stewardship
  • Our commitment of diversity & inclusion
  • Our commitment of quality
  • Our commitment of safety

Our continuing process

We then conduct customized programs that maximize the participation of local workers and suppliers in construction work, thereby building experience and enhancing local skills.

We gear our construction techniques and global procurement processes to use recycled and local materials, reduce energy consumption, and mitigate greenhouse-gas emissions. we use BIM, a 3D imaging and data analytics tool to support decision-making.

BuildPlus operates and maintains several major national facilities and government laboratories. This includes a range of management solutions for our government customers, including processes for energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable procurement.

To meet the growing demand for clean, reliable, and affordable energy, BuildPlus designs and constructs some of the world’s largest photovoltaic and solar power plants. In addition, we finance solutions that catalyze the development of new renewable energy projects.

Issues can arise during a project that trigger immediate and long-term impacts on customers and communities, as well as affect the quality of project delivery. BuildPlus implements three interrelated processes to promote the positive effects of a project.

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